Explore the Many Possibilities Maroon Peak Has to Offer
Here at Maroon Peak, our mission is to help you build those unforgettable moments and experiences to last a lifetime.  We believe that our retreat style is humanistic and service centered, with gracious hospitality and sustainable value. From company retreats to spa getaways, Maroon Peak Retreat & Events Center can help to provide you with purposeful programs and develop long-lasting community partnerships.

We encourage the use of Lyft to reduce parking congestion.






$250 per day, 3-day minimum | One Night Only - $500

Amenities:  Kitchen | Great Room Flat-Screen TV(s)



1 King Bed (w/ hot tub and sauna) | 2 Queen Beds | 2 Twin Beds

*Whole house sleeps 6


$500 for the day (8 hrs)

*$120 Cleaning Fee per Lease




Book a stay to celebrate your anniversary, and other  memorable events.

For a maximum of 35 guests


We will help you to celebrate the launching of your book. We will work with you to ensure that your special day is very celebratory.

For a maximum of 35 guests.


 A Celebration of African Spiritual Traditions and  Naming Ceremony.Rivers dry up, but not their names.

We will help you to celebrate the ritual or ceremony signifying an event in your life that is indicative of a transition from one stage to another, as from adolescence to adulthood.

For a maximum of 35 guests.






Sisters Healing

Women meet every last Friday of the month to help each other overcome challenges.

  They lift each other up and offer solutions. Dinner is served after the event. Everyone brings a dish to share. Sponsored by the African Women Economic Consortium

Living Optimal Wellness

Yoga Classes

Are you a Yoga Instructor? You can host your Yoga classes at the center.   You  can help people live in the present, experience stress relief, sleep better, and help relieve chronic pain. Studies suggest that practicing yoga reduces pain.

If you simply want to be a participant, check our calendar for workshop dates!

Nutrition Workshops

Want to teach a workshop series that guide participants through the essential steps of developing a healthy eating pattern that matches their health goals, food preferences, and lifestyle demands, meal planning and the essentials of eating well? MPR is the right center for your workshop!

If you simply want to be a participant, check our calendar for workshop dates!

Health Workshops

MPR is eager to support health workshops that feature experts and state of the art health improvement technology that aid the body in achieving optimal health and wellness.

If you simply want to be a participant, check our calendar for workshop dates!

One Day or Two Days Retreat

     Book a Girlfriends        Weekend Getaway

Each boasts exciting activities day and night, at this perfect home base for your girls’ trip in Georgia. From here, visit all the various attractions in Metro Atlanta . Renting this home is an easy way to score extra bedrooms and bathrooms while keeping the cost down.

We have 2 bedrooms with queen and  twin size beds and a Master Suite with a sauna, a large 4 person Jacuzzi Spa and exercise equipment. .  Select the room/rooms that meet your needs. 

      Instant Mancave to watch your favorite team destroy the opponent!

You can watch game championships on our large screen television, while at the same time enjoying the company of your best buddies. You can request any particular edibles for your enjoyment. MPR will provide the tranquility you need so you can raise your voices in excitement and celebration without raising any neighbors ire!

Romantic Getaway

No need to stay in a hotel when you can book your stay in this beautiful home while taking in the sights of Metro Atlanta.

Our  Master Suite with a sauna, a large 4 person Jacuzzi Spa and exercise equipment will be ideal for you and your loved one.

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Address: 4832 Elam Road, Stone Mountain Georgia, 30034

Tel: 248.773.1857

     : 404.702.4382


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