MPR is Open for Business!

After many months of preparation, Maroon Peak Retreat( MPR) in Stone Mountain Ga finally held its open house on October 27, 2019 in two sessions, from 1:00 P.M-3:00 P.M and 4:00 P.M-7:00 P.M. Each time slot was well attended by members of the community, friends, and family. MPR business partners, Dr. Uwa Onyioha Osimiri and Dr. Imani Ma'at, welcomed guests and introduced the vision and mission of center and highlighted the potential uses for the center, such as Airbnb, small events, and much more.

A Culturally-Themed Oasis

Our guests expressed pleasure in seeing this beautiful African-themed retreat center nestled on 4 acres of land, with tall trees in consult with nature, and with three neatly decorated expansive master bedrooms, each with its full-size bathrooms. The rooms are named according to the bed sizes. There is the T-room with twin beds wrapped in plush white bed ensemble, and with a T-Rex exercise machine for guests desirous of keeping up with their exercise regiment or starting one. The Q-room has two queen size beds with a cozy white plush cotton bed ensemble also with a piece of exercise equipment. The K-room has a king-size bed, an infrared sauna, and an enclosed hot tub room. The great room looks majestic with high ceiling and beams, and an abundance of light filtering through large windows designed to hog the sunlight, and released to radiate light through the large open space.

"This was an exciting experience," said Desmond Jones who initially did not want to attend. He admitted that he assumed it was just a women's event, but was very glad he had come to witness first-hand the beauty of MPR. Another participant was observed on her phone talking with a friend who could not make it.  She described how lovely and serene the center is. "Everything about Maroon Peak Resort has a feeling of love, and very welcoming," said Udee Onyioha. Another participant, Beverly James said that what she finds exciting is the "warmth that exudes from the halls of the center."

They Came From Near and Far

Participants were doctors, computer engineers, attorneys, health and wellness specialists and newly weds. Brittany Ross, a nurse, scheduled a life coaching session with Fresh life Coaching, Dr. Uwa Osimiri's coaching program at MPR. "The life coaching room is so welcoming!" she exclaimed.

So much work went into achieving what the participants witnessed. Chief Ikenna Osimiri did a fantastic job with all of the physical remodeling of the facility and received a certificate of appreciation for his efforts. So did Nnamdi Osimiri and Latoya Collie who helped with parking the cars and assisted in so many other ways, as did Sheila Kuria. Sheila helped take pictures also. Attorney Oma Onyioha Nkele received a certificate of appreciation for her outstanding legal support. Kelenna Osimiri helped to put together the fliers for the event.

Dr. Imani Ma'at gave Dr. Osimiri flowers for her hard work and Dr. Osimiri acknowledged her sincerest appreciation of Dr. Imani as her partner in the business, stating that giving her time to the joint effort was worth it.

It took a village...

Now that the center is open, we invite members of the community to come to become patrons of this unique center where they can develop their dream programs. We are looking forward to being The Place in the community with the charm that will bring repeat customers.

The stage is set...the time is now!

Maroon Peak is open for business. All we need now is you!

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